This is procedure exfoliates your skin, removes dirt and vellus hair, with the use of a dermatome to eliminate dead skin and making your skin smoother and brighter at the end of the process.

Dermaplaning is an ideal option for anyone with fine facial hair, unusually sensitive skin, or rosacea.
The only people who dermaplaning is not recommended for are those with acne-prone skin.
Oil from the sebaceous glands needs to travel along the villous hair to be excreted.
So when the hair is removed, the oil can build up and block glands on the face.
This in turn causes breakouts for people who are prone to them.
In addition, anyone with numerous raised lesions or skin irregularities or a nickel allergy should not undergo dermaplaning.


What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning in Miracle Med Clinic is a modern way to achieve exfoliation.
It works by a specialist sing a 10-gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.

It is a favorite among celebrities in the entertainment industry because of its two key benefits.
It not only removes any peach fuzz that is captured by sunlight and flash photography, but it also takes care of all dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling smooth and looking bright.

It should be performed by a licensed and experienced provider because it involves running a very sharp blade.
In fact, it is the type used in surgeries!
The blad is run with precision over the skin to remove dead skin cells and fine facial hair by scraping off the top layer of the skin. 

Is dermaplaning safe?

When it comes to dermaplaning and the use of the very sharp blade used, the procedure is safe when performed by a trained and licensed provider.
In short, when you are in expert hands, you minimize any risk.
It  is no more dangerous than a man getting a facial shave from a barbershop, as long as the provider is qualified and knows what they are doing.
And all of our specialists at Cloud Med Spa fit the bill.
Also worth noting: when you undergo dermaplaning, it is important to sit very still since it is performed with a sharp blade.

This procedure produces an immediately more radiant appearance with instant results.
Following this treatment, makeup application is smoother.
Additionally, other skin products can penetrate deeper, making them more effective than before.etween your brows.